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For more than 30 years,  S. de Mendieta S.A., International Trading, has been successfully creating added value and operating in international markets as a trading and service company.

Competence, reliability, flexibility, and trust are our core values and represented by all of our highly trained professionals.

about us

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S. de Mendieta S.A., International Trading, is a privately owned Swiss company with over 30 years of experience in the international food and agricultural business, trading in raw materials for the manufacturing industry and finished consumer products for wholesalers.

Our success is based on a very close collaboration with our suppliers and producers across the globe to ensure the highest quality of goods. We maintain a high standard of customer service and support defined by the company's core values.

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S. de Mendieta S.A. operates in a variety of fields across the globe.

Our multinational experience and expertise allows us to execute new ventures and offer our customers specialised solutions in various fields.

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Generating added value for our clients and partners by means of product sustainability, high quality, and conclusive solutions is paramount to our success. 

Quality control in compliance with international industry standards is essential in trading with food products; therefore we maintain a close collaboration with leading food laboratories around the world.


S. de Mendieta S.A. also offers a variety of customised logistic solutions and manages distribution centers in Europe, especially in Switzerland, Germany, and Spain.


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S. de Mendieta S.A. - International Trading

Stationsstrasse 57

CH-8606 Greifensee

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